[Mageia-dev] Removing Core 32bit from x86_64

Pierre Jarillon jarillon at abul.org
Fri Feb 24 12:09:45 CET 2012

I have just installed Mga2b1 x86_64 and it is already a great distro. But once 
more, I was annoyed with an unuseful bunch of rpm in rpmdrake which make the 
list less readable. For a beginner, this is more annoying.

So, I have unselected Core 32 bit and everything seams to be ok. As pcpa said 
in  "[Cooker] Multilib next steps?", the only reason to run in 32 bit mode is 
legacy binaries that cannot be rebuilt.

IMO, the last useful binary was flashplugin, now the adobe 64bit binary works 
fine. Is it still useful to keep this outgrowth alive?

Pierre Jarillon - http://pjarillon.free.fr/
Vice-président de l'ABUL : http://abul.org
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