[Mageia-dev] [changelog] [RPM] cauldron core/release evolution-3.3.90-2.mga2

Dimitri Jakov mitya at mageia.org
Wed Feb 29 20:44:19 CET 2012

> Aand the bug was about what? Please include short (oneliner)
> description about the bug next time.

Okay, will do next time. This particular one is about Evolution not
remembering the state of "SMTP requires authentication" checkbox (always
off). This bug was introduced in Evolution 3.2. For me it means that it
wasn't capable of sending any emails, since all my mail providers
require authentication. This will be fixed in 3.3.91+, but it can take
weeks for it to be released, so I decided to backport a patch to have a
working mail client right now.

For those, who will update Evolution next time: don't forget to drop
this patch.


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