[Mageia-dev] RFC: task-obsolete and README.*.urpmi enhancement

Luc Menut lmenut at free.fr
Wed Jan 4 20:13:51 CET 2012

Le 04/01/2012 17:20, Guillaume Rousse a écrit :
>> 1) add support for optional README.*.urpmi (%ghost in spec):
>> This will allow to build this README.*.urpmi at install time in %pre,
>> %post or %trigger only when it's necessary.
> That will create files on the system unknown from rpm database, and
> unknown from urpmi too.

nope, %ghost files are known from rpm database.
rpm -qpl task-obsolete-1-1.mga2.noarch.rpm

> Rather than focusing on shiny automatic display mechanisms, I'd rather
> work on information content.

we can|should do both.

> Here are a few proposal of mines to make the situation better:
> - use a unique file name, enforced by convention, rather than references
> in package description, the same way Debian does with README.debian
> - display its content only in graphical context: command-line users
> usually know about this kind of convention to get information themselves
> - use standardised file content and markup to allow rpmdrake and other
> graphical tools to achieve the same kind of selection than file
> splitting today
> - define some kind of policy of what should be there, and what should
> not, to achieve minimal consistency

I'm not particularly attached at the current system, but I find it works 
rather well.
If we want that users read informations, the information should be 
relevant in the context (too many informations, kill information);
e.g. it's useless (personnaly, I consider it's bad) to display 
information about install when we update a package, and vice versa (I 
don't know debian, and if the unique file README.debian allow this).


Luc Menut

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