[Mageia-dev] Orphans - those poor orphans . . .

Sander Lepik sander.lepik at eesti.ee
Sat Jan 7 11:37:16 CET 2012

07.01.2012 12:18, andre999 kirjutas:
> It is not exactly the same thing, but in more than one occasion when I installed packages 
> with similar functions at the same time, to compare them, say A, B, and C, and later 
> uninstalled B and C, I have found A to be declared an orphan.  Only to find that it had 
> been required by one of the others.
> (I often prefer command-line packages.  It is simple to add them to the menu if I want.  
> And I have often enough made such comparisons.  To be fair, I haven't done much of that 
> since installing Mageia, when it first became available.)
So what you say is:

urpmi A
urpmi B
urpmi C

urpme B C

A would be orphan? Really?! Show me. I want an example!
> The auto-orphans option and how it currently works is based on the assumption that if 
> package A is installed as a requirement of package B, that on uninstalling B, one will 
> want to uninstall A.  That to me is a false premise.
You do get the point of orphans?! System has no AI. It only knows what it has to know. If 
you still want A you would just run urpmi A and urpme --auto-orphans won't remove it! Simple 
as that.


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