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Luc Menut lmenut at free.fr
Sun Jan 8 15:19:15 CET 2012


first, sorry to reply so late, and when you have started to update 
hunspell dictionaries packages.

Le 21/12/2011 08:15, Kamil Rytarowski a écrit :
> Hello!
> There was a discuss on
> 1) preparing policies on hunspell-dictionaries
> 2) deprecate and kill myspell in Mga2
> 3) changing the default path of dictionaries, from /usr/share/myspell to
> /usr/share/hunspell (and to keep backward compatibility links in myspell
> directory)
> 4) to provide "enchant-dictionary" and "hunspell-dictionary" by every
> hunspell-dictionary
> So finally, I've prepared a first version of the policy
> https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Hunspell-dictionary_policy
> If you like, please tell me your comments of it. Is it right? (Also: is
> the .spec correct?) When everything will be accepted then every
> hunspell-dictionary will be updated according to the policy.

some comments about the policy:

Version:        1.0
Release:        %mkrel %{upstream_release}.%{rel}

I don't think it will be possible to use Version 1.0 and upstream 
version only in the release; most hunspell dictionaries already use 
upstream version as version and have a version > 1.0.


#Mageia values: 1 - aspell, 2 - hunspell, 3 - language specific
Provides:       enchant-dictionary = 2
Provides:       hunspell-dictionary
Provides:       dictionary-%{languagecode}

about the version value of the provides: is the meaning (1 - aspell, 2 - 
hunspell, 3 - language specific) really needed? is it currently used?
Because I think that it could be usefull that the versionned provides 
indicates the location of the dictionary:
- current enchant-dictionary = 2 ->> /usr/share/dict/mozilla
- enchant-dictionary from hunspell ->> enchant-dictionary = 4 ->> 
/usr/share/hunspell and /usr/share/myspell,
- enchant-dictionary from future hunspell without compatibility link in 
/usr/share/myspell ->> enchant-dictionary = 5 ->> /usr/share/hunspell only,
- ...

(it seems weird for me to use the same "enchant-dictionary = 2" 
versionned provide, both for "deprecated" myspell dictionaries, and new 
hunspell dictionaries.)

if the versionned provides indicates the location, we can use it if 
necessary in Conflicts or Requires in others packages.
e.g. currently Firefox searches dictionnaries in /usr/share/dict/mozilla 
(myspell dictionaries). when we change this location, we could add a 
Requires enchant-dictionary = 4.

same for hunspell-dictionary and dictionary-%{languagecode}, a 
versionned provides could indicate the location of the dictionary.
if we want to be able to remove easily all the compatibility link in the 
future, we should really consider this.

> PS. The changes of enchant will be proposed or accepted later, Funda has
> already prepared the package.

new hunspell dictionaries provides enchant-dictionary and obsoletes 
myspell dictionaries, but enchant still can't use the new hunspell 
dictionaries. I think that it should be fixed ASAP, or we will release 
an alpha 3 with broken spelling for lot of languages.
I propose the attached patches for enchant, so that enchant can use 
dictionaries from /usr/share/hunspell, /usr/share/myspell, and 
Anssi, Kamil, WDYT ?

same problem with firefox and thunderbird, they use dictionaries from 
/usr/share/dict/mozilla = myspell dictionaries, that are obsoleted.
(Will we wait for the complete migration, to release alpha 3 ? )

CC: Anssi, enchant and thunderbird maintainer
     dmorgan, firefox maintainer


Luc Menut
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