[Mageia-dev] [Mageia-Private] Consolidation of the spelling tools in Mageia

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Sun Jan 8 21:43:23 CET 2012

08.01.2012 22:18, Kamil Rytarowski skrev:
> W dniu 08.01.2012 15:19, Luc Menut pisze:

>> same problem with firefox and thunderbird, they use dictionaries from
>> /usr/share/dict/mozilla = myspell dictionaries, that are obsoleted.
> This must be fixed too - as soon as possible.
>> (Will we wait for the complete migration, to release alpha 3 ? )
> I won't wait now, we are short on time. I want to finish everything
> before the general version freeze.


You must take better note when we send info on -dev ml.

Quoting ennael in thread: [Mageia-dev] Mageia 2 alpha 3 in progress

Hi there

First of all, happy new year 2012 and all the best for you and your family.

Mageia 2 alpha3 isos are now in progress, public release is planned
for 12th of january. Please do not provide for now major updates on
packages as we will freeze local repository in coming hours.

Thanks for advance

Theese changes should really have waited until alpha3 was released.

Fortunately for you I synced the frozen repo with cauldron ~3 hours
before you started pushing the changes.

Hopefully we dont need anything more from cauldron for alpha3 isos
now as we would have to start cherry-picking the packages, meaning
more work for us.


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