[Mageia-dev] PHP + phpBB mod capabilities needed to fix bug 1956 - please help

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 12 17:47:05 CET 2012

2012/1/12 Marja van Waes <marja11 at xs4all.nl>:
> On 12/01/12 15:48, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
>> 2012/1/12 Marja van Waes<marja11 at xs4all.nl>:
>>> Moreover, in article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it
>>> says:
>>> Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and
>>> religion.......
>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Declaration_of_Human_Rights#Article_18
>> Yes, so why do you deny these right sto the majority of the forum people?
> I don't :)
> I don't even deny it when our seeming majority would turn out to be a
> minority.
> Please be careful with the words "the majority", we don't have a good tool
> yet to know what everybody wants.

Hmm, from the people who participated in the initial discussion which
led to the council compromise I count 2 in favor of the limitation,
the rest against it. This I call a majority.
During the 8 months since we have this issue I read lots of complaints
about the limitation, I did not read any post in favor of it. This is
what I call a majority.

In an election or a poll (a democratic process) how much weight do
those have who do not give their vote? In every election there is a
number of people who do not vote, either because they don't care or
none of the given options is to their liking. But I haven't seen an
election or poll where the "silent" number was counted in favor for
one side or the other. So, if you are talking about the silent
majority I can ask you rightfully, on which side the silent majority
would be.

>> I guess you agree that those principles where written with the spirit
>> of democracy behind it all - so you agree also that those declarations
>> do not say that one has the right to force his opinion on all others.
> Of course not. Funny that you seem to think maât did that, I didn't see him
> force anyone to use the forum as it is.

Then you think that his behavior is ok and everybody who doesn't like
it can leave? That is not funny. It is against all that Mageia stands
I think we do not have different opinions, we are living in different worlds.


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