[Mageia-dev] FireFox ESR <= we should totally go for this wrt stable releases

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Jan 13 14:39:46 CET 2012

Le vendredi 13 janvier 2012 à 05:13 -0800, Chris Evans a écrit :

> This really doesn't make sense. The browser is our interface to the 
> internet. I (as a user) feel a need to have the latest version of my
>  browser complete with all security patches. 

What do you think that a long supported firefox be, if not a firefox
with proper security patches ?

And frankly, if Firefox is so important to people because, doesn't t
warrant to be extra careful with it, and to not change it every day ?

"that's important to me, so please risk breaking it every 6 week" is
just non sense. And yet, that's basically what people seems to assume.

> I really couldn't care less if I have the latest gnome or kde. Surfing
> the net using a browser with known security issues bothers me. 

Again, what do you think that Firefox ESR is ? 
"let's distribute a tarball with know security holes" ?

> I think this is why so many people consider firefox to be an exception
> to the rule. Where most software that is older is considered to be
> more stable, when talking about a browser it is generally the
> opposite. It would be nice to at least give the users a choice, 

There is already the choice. People can do the work themself, they can
get the binary bundle from Mozilla, they can run cauldron.
So please, stop using the choice argument when it doesn't correspond to

> maybe have the LTR version as well as the latest release available. I
> have seen other distros provide chrome stable, testing, and unstable.
> Allowing the user to choose which version they are most comfortable
> with. 

That's also a pain to have it updated every X weeks.

Michael Scherer

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