[Mageia-dev] Boot on Mageia Cauldron is damn slow! RFC

Damien Lallement mageia at damsweb.net
Tue Jan 24 18:17:07 CET 2012

Le 24/01/2012 16:08, Frank Griffin a écrit :
> On 01/24/2012 09:06 AM, Damien Lallement wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Since my laptop (HDD) is running Cauldron, it needs 5 minutes to boot
>> whereas it was taking 1 minute under Mageia 1.
>> And on my working desktop (SSD), Mageia 1 was booting in 3 seconds and
>> now it takes 1 minute.
> I've seen this on the first boot or two of fresh cauldron installs, but
> not on later ones. IIRC it is at least in part due to systemd timing out
> waiting for plymouth to come down. Also, I notivce that GDM takes a
> horrific time to initialize itself, and the GUI response at the login
> panel is very choppy. I seem to remember seeing a bug report about GDM
> pinning the CPU before it finally gets around to starting the DE. HTH.

For my part, I'm in Cauldron for 8 months... So I have more than 2 or 3 
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