[Mageia-dev] stardict 3.0.3

Claire Revillet grenoya at zarb.org
Mon Jan 30 22:31:28 CET 2012

> I keep updating URLs and SOURCEs - the initial bug-request was there 
> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3035 (I have reviewed 
> initially 2,500 source-packages).
1) stardict does not appear in the list
2) why maintainers are not been contacted for all those problems ?

> So what do you think about the future of StarDICT? I was looking at 
> the projects and I'm a little bit affraid of the licenses and patents. 
> For example GoldenDict is said to support Babylon - and this can be 
> problematic with patents.
For me StarDict is a dead project and I was looking for a successor.
There is no information on the "copyright infringement" and the tarball 
that can be downloaded on the new site are exactly the same as the old 
ones !
So the first possibility is: there was truly a copyright problem and 
there is still (this may be proved in the future if the copyright owner 
ask to close again the project) ; second possibility: there was no 
copyright problem (but a more obscure one), but, still, the project is 
not very active.

So if GoldenDict present, at this time, no license or patent problem and 
is actively developed : it can be a better choice.
Import freeze for mageia 2 will be in march, so I think we have a little 
time to think about it to choose the best solution for mageia 2 and test 
it (bugs...) before release.
Let's take the week for discussion.

> you reviewed the dicts if they are legally used?
I checked for almost all dict : they are GPL or "Creative Commons 
Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (V3.0)". Just 1 as to be modified 
(quick-deu-eng) or simply removed. I'll do that in the week.
I think url information may not be good, but I did not see the point of 
rebuilding 200 packages just for that (taking into account the fact that 
dictionaries are not code : they do not evolve).


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