[Mageia-dev] UiAbstraction4mcc feature proposal

Steven Tucker tuxta2 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 04:24:35 CEST 2012

Okay, so as promised I am ready to start on MCC2.

I have had a play with libYui that is in Cauldron, so using C++, to 
create a window and buttons.
Ready to get going on the real code, but waiting on the Perl bindings to 
hit Cauldron.

I'll start writing out some formal plans, but I have been giving some 
thought to the code and am starting to form a general overview of how I 
think it could be coded.

I'll report back once the perl binding arrive and I have some code and 
plans ready.



On 28/06/12 09:38, Steven Tucker wrote:
> Hi Angelo,
> great to see you put your hand up.
> My position at the moment, is to get through this week at work, then 
> starting Monday begin work on this project.
> The first step is to port the relevant libYui and related libraries 
> which is what I had planned to work on next week, but if Matteo is 
> working on this then that will work out great (I am just an apprentice 
> with only 2 packages to date, so perhaps not the best person for that 
> job).
> To begin with, I planned to make a basic proof of concept Control 
> Centre, so just simply a copy of the current main window of MCC but 
> without any functionality, just to see it work across the widget sets. 
> Then work on a single module to work out some standards and 
> documentation, how to make it as easy as possible for others to come 
> along and add a module.
> I understand the desire to have everything in the one language (and 
> the obvious choice is perl due to inertia), however I am not 
> personally against individual modules being in python/perl/C++, the 
> reason is that there are people who potentially would add a module but 
> don't want to use a language they are not familiar with and would only 
> use for that module and nothing else. So I guess I would like to give 
> options so that entry to contribution is as easy as it can be. This 
> all started for me when I looked into writing a module I wanted but 
> found very little documentation, and realised it would be more work to 
> make my module available in curses as well at gtk.
> As far as other contributors, I only have one willing to dive into 
> code, but it is very convenient as we work together (We just finished 
> setting up our new Mageia Cluster and so now are ready for more Mageia 
> goodness :-P  ) so a very small group at the moment, but to be honest, 
> I think that is probably a good thing in the early stages.
> As I said, I have to get through this week at work first, a week of 
> deadlines, but then I can start writing some more concrete plans, and 
> start playing with the code.
> I'll make contact again in a few days when I am ready to get going.
> Cheers
> Tuxta
> On 28/06/12 08:02, Angelo Naselli wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hi,
>> I'm back to this subject, because, as you probably know, the
>> proposal[1] has been accepted[2] and has to be merged with mine[3]
>> and discussed a bit to understand what we have to do and who can help.
>> Il 13/06/2012 14:35, Steven Tucker ha scritto:
>>> This proposal may be a bit different to the several others you
>>> have seen in that a lot of the heavy lifting has already been done.
>>> The Ui layer is provided by libYui and friends, and the logic is
>>> already there in mcc. With the perl bindings to libYui the effort
>>> is no where near as large as a rewrite, which I imagine the several
>>> other proposals were. I would prefer it all to be written in C++,
>>> but that would be more work than adapting the current perl code, so
>>> you see it's not just pie in the sky, I have actually put some
>>> thought into it.
>> In a first read i understood the idea was to provide a new gui
>> abstraction layer, and you told me the suggested libYui library
>> is written in C++ with some script bindings (one for all perl) and
>> since I'm not a perl programmer and i know C++ and QT (something on GTk
>> also) i could help.
>> So should i assume you want to rewrite all?
>> Steven, can you please point me and other potential contributors
>> to your plans?
>> Planning is also needed to our proposal to be definitely accepted :)
>> I don't have a lot of spare time, but i will help as much as possible.
>> Matteo Pasotti is adding libyui to mageia repository so we could
>> start using it, I do also believe he's going to help us as well :)
>> Let's start this new adventure...
>> Cheers,
>>     Angelo
>> [1] https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Feature:UiAbstraction4mcc
>> [2] https://wiki.mageia.org/en/FeatureMageia3_Review
>> [3] https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Feature:DrakXtoolsReview
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