[Mageia-dev] UiAbstraction4mcc feature proposal

Steven Tucker tuxta2 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 03:44:55 CEST 2012

>> Hi,
>> Documentation team is planning to write the currently missing help
>> for MCC and all the tools in it. We don't have a clue whether the
>> above feature proposals, if implemented, will make a difference to
>> what we have to do, and if so: what difference.
> About link[1] the idea is not mine I'd leave Steven talking about it
> better. As far as I understood functionalities should not change and
> the hope is that either the mcc look for the most, but that depends
> imo on how the interface will be implemented and how we will able to add
> what we have now, since i believe we can't re-write all...

I am very glad people are getting behind the idea, and it might seem a 
bit odd coming from me, but I think we should slow down and put this in 
to perspective.

MCC2 is in such early stages I don't really think it should at this 
stage effect other work or planning just yet.
As much as I want it to work, there is always a very real risk of 
project failure, and it's way too early to be placing bets.
At the moment I have a C++ program and a perl program that do little 
more than hello world (though they work great across gui and ncurses! ).

As far as a time line, these factors come into consideration for me....

1/ I didn't actually plan for it to be ready (in a complete/stable form) 
for Mageia 3, but wanted to get started on it and hopefully have it 
available as an option for Mga3.
2/ Until I get into more complicated code, I don't know what the 
limitations of the library are, I have already been on the opensuse IRC 
channel and spoke to the person who originally developed libYui, and he 
(could be she, don't know), confirmed some issues already, so this may 
effect the look and feel, or time required.
3/ The period when I can really devote time to coding is between 
November and March, until then progress will be slow

So basically to answer the question, I don't think the proposal should 
have any effect on what you do.
While I would like to say it will work exactly the same way just using a 
different ui library, I can't as I don't know what I am going to encounter.

I think MCC2 should just be seen as an experiment until there is enough 
done that it actually looks like a usable tool. Even the planning is 
just a fuzzy idea, no concrete plans yet.

I am sorry I haven't been clearer about this in the last week, but I 
have been quite ill with fevers etc for the last 5 days, hence only 
having barely more than hello world programs.

Hope that helps ?


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