[Mageia-dev] what to do about misc packages?

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 15:40:16 CEST 2012


misc is no longer contributing afaik, yet he is still listed as
maintainer for the following packages:

    $ mgarepo maintdb get |egrep 'misc$'
    bip misc
    couchdb misc
    desktopcouch misc
    ebtables misc
    facter misc
    gajim misc
    hping2 misc
    irssi misc
    libcgroup misc
    libvirt misc
    lsof misc
    lxc misc
    ndisc6 misc
    netcf misc
    openssh misc
    patcher misc
    postgrey misc
    puppet misc
    puppet-lint misc
    python misc
    python-couchdb misc
    python-django misc
    python-django-auth-ldap misc
    python-django-countries misc
    python-django-dpaste misc
    python-django-haystack misc
    python-django-keyedcache misc
    python-django-mptt misc
    python-django-piston misc
    python-django-robots misc
    python-django-simple-captcha misc
    python-django-tracking misc
    python-virtinst misc
    python3 misc
    qemu misc
    quagga misc
    radvd misc
    rpmlint misc
    rpmlint-mageia-policy misc
    rpmlint-mandriva-policy misc
    ruby-hiera misc
    ruby-hiera-puppet misc
    stompserver misc
    supybot-Meetbot misc
    tinyproxy misc
    tmux misc
    transifex misc
    vde2 misc

if people are interested by some of those packages, please state so and
we'll ask sysadmins to change maintainer db.


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