[Mageia-dev] source rpms - newbie question

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 16:09:03 CEST 2012

Le 19/07/2012 14:02, blind Pete a écrit :
> Guillaume Rousse wrote:
>> Le 19/07/2012 05:19, blind Pete a écrit :
>>> util-linux-ng-2.18-4.1.mga1.src.rpm is safely downloded to my local
>>> drive.  Now what do I do with it?
>>> urpmi --install-src ./util*
>>> gives a lot of errors about iurt not existing and using root
>>> instead, but does not seem to install anything into /usr/src/RPM/
>>> This is probably obvious to everyone here - except me.
>> What is not obvious, tough, as what you are trying to achieve exactly...
> I want to look at the source code.  I was expecting that command
> line to install (unpack) the source code into /usr/src/RPMS/ but
> maybe --install-src compiles and installs *from* source code?
According to the man page, it should just install the source package. 
However, if you already have the source package locally available, urpmi 
doesn't provide any added value over rpm. You'd better use rpm -i 
directly. And no need for root privileges here, unless you really want 
to use /usr/src/RPM tree.

> Either way, what is the approved method of looking at the contents
> of a *.src.rpm file?  An RTFM is perfectly apropriate here - as
> long as it includes a link to the FM.
might be a useful documentation, altough outdated on minor issues (rpm 
-b vs rpmbuild -b, automatic creation of rpm build tree, etc...).

BOFH excuse #391:

We already sent around a notice about that.

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