[Mageia-dev] problem installing latest mesa update

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Jul 19 21:15:12 CEST 2012

'Twas brillig, and Scott Chevalley at 19/07/12 18:14 did gyre and gimble:
> I keep getting this conflict:
> [root at excalibur ~#] urpmi --auto-select
> Some requested packages cannot be installed:
> lib64dri-drivers-8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.tainted.x86_64 (due to unsatisfied
> mesa[== 8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.tainted])
> lib64mesagl1-8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.tainted.x86_64 (due to unsatisfied
> lib64dri-drivers[>= 8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.tainted])
> lib64mesagl1-devel-8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.tainted.x86_64 (due to unsatisfied
> lib64mesagl1[== 8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.tainted])
> libdri-drivers-8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.i586 (due to conflicts with
> lib64dri-drivers-8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.tainted.x86_64)
> libmesagl1-8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3.i586 (due to unsatisfied libdri-drivers[>=
> 8.1.0-0.git20120715.2.mga3])
> Continue installation anyway? (Y/n) y

Looks like the main mesa package didn't make it onto the mirrors or
something similar.



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