[Mageia-dev] My feeeling about the rpmlib(X-CheckUnifiedSystemdir) dependency

Balcaen John mikala at mageia.org
Thu Jul 26 10:59:28 CEST 2012

Le jeudi 26 juillet 2012 09:05:08 Olivier Thauvin a écrit :
> Hi,

> I do think the way we enforce the need of migrate to /usr fs is just an
> abuse of rpm.
> By using the a rpmlib() dependency we create in fact this dependency
> tree:
> filesystem => rpm with X-CheckUnifiedSystemdir patch => check fs
> whereas we want:
> filesystem => check fs
> THere another to perform the check w/o needing patch in rpm (so w/o
> needing a specific rpm first): using pre script.
Well if it's stay like this we'll have to provide an updated rpm on mga2 & 
ensure it's installed because i was forced here to install manually rpm& his 
dependency because of this loop even if the filesystem was already migrated 
when upgrading from a fresh installed mga2 to cauldron.


Balcaen John

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