[Mageia-dev] Adding b43-openfwwf to default setup

zezinho lists.jjorge at free.fr
Mon Mar 5 09:21:52 CET 2012

hi, I could test Beta1 with real hardware i586. After install, it locked up at 
boot (even Magickeys are dead). After a big diggin, it is the b43 kernel 
driver that locks everything at boot when it is loaded without firmware files.

This is a regression, a bug report is done : 

Now the question :  should we default installing b43-openfwwf as it is an 
open-source firmware? Not only it solves this bug, but it also allows direct 
use of Broadcom 4312 Wifi cards.


PS: Another problem is that b43 driver uses several firmware files for several 
different hardware, and b43-openfwwf only brings one of them. So it will not be 
usefull for any b43 hardware.

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