[Mageia-dev] Version freeze: reminder

Thierry Vignaud thierry.vignaud at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 01:59:01 CET 2012

On 8 March 2012 11:31, Anne nicolas <ennael at mageia.org> wrote:
> Version freeze is now active. As a reminder please have a look here
> https://www.mageia.org/pipermail/mageia-dev/2012-March/012533.html
> for more details.

For years, the freeze never impacted our own tools since  unless
packages we are not upstream, we prefer to release than patch
(which also helps get latest translations).
Now, drakx* stuff got blocked.

So I would request we relax the freeze for our own stuff.
else It'll made pushing fixes quite slow & painfull.

In worst case, instead of pushing the stack in ~30mns, it may
takes days.
eg if I fix sg in urpmi, I've to wait for someone to actually push urpmi
before asking to push drakx-installer-stage2 with new urpmi.

eg if I fix sg in rpm, I've to wait for someone to actually push rpm
before asking to push perl-URPM to drakx-installer-stage2.

It can become way more painful for eg:
dietlibc fix>kmod|ldetect>drakx-installer-binaries>drakx-installer-images
eg: if would fix sg in dietlibc for kmod.
Thus I would have 4 requests with delays between each.

Or enable me to push new perl-URPM/urpmi/drakx* like I was able to
do in the old days

We're not that many working on our tool bugs to let us die
of slow pain...
Pushing fixes in the installer usually involves many stages...

In the meantime, please let go in:

1) drakxtools:
- english message improvement (mga#456)
- diskdrake:
  o fix error on removing LVs
  o fix resizing LVs (mga#4666)

2) drakx-installer-stage2:
- explain why acpi, acpid & mageia-gfxboot-theme packages are selected
- install more packages earlier (shorewall & mandi), preventing useless
  installing steps later at summary stage
- partitionning:
  o fix error on removing LVs
  o fix resizing LVs (mga#4666)

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