[Mageia-dev] Default browser in LXDE

paiiou paiiou at free.fr
Sun Mar 11 16:14:25 CET 2012

Oliver Burger <oliver.bgr at ...> writes:

> Hi there,
> as in the other DEs the default browser in LXDE is Firefox.
> On the one hand one might have the opinion, that having the same apps
> on all the DEs is a good choice, but actually LXDE is a Lightweight DE
> and Firefox may be many things but not lightweight. Quite to the
> contrary, it is a resource hungry monster.
> What do you think?
> Oliver
I do not use LXDE, but Xfce. 
I am also interested by midori rather than chromium. 
It is more easily configurable. 
I had also noticed that flash does not work. 
At present (cauldron) midori crash in the opening of a page. 
If I launch midori in a terminal, I have messages of the kind

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