[Mageia-dev] Proprietary graphic card test needed (release blocker bugs)

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Sat May 5 03:58:38 CEST 2012

Since middle of yesterday I've done three HTTP minimal installs from 
Cauldron, all configured to 1600x1200x24bpp at 85 when adding X and minimalist 
(not via task-kde4-minimal) KDE using urpmi:

Early Sempron 2000MHz CPU
Radeon 7500 AGP Device 0x5157 "RV200 QW" (Dell Optiplex)
NForce2 chipset
KDE bling disabled
No post-install visual fault found running radeon driver
Sound does not work
http://www.hbo.com/ requires Flash, but even with Flash installed from 
Tainted, the page displays nothing but black in Firefox.

(Non-PAE, IIRC) P4 2.6GHz CPU
Intel 865G pci 0x2572 video & ICH5 chipset
KDE bling disabled
No post-install visual fault found running intel driver
Sound does not work

Athlon 2000MHz CPU
VIA KT880 chipset
Matrox G400 pci 0x0525 video
KDE bling disabled
Sound works
SMplayer windowed has massive video noise, but works reasonably fullscreen. 
Video otherwise seems fine running mga driver.
hbo.com loaded in Konq claims Flash is not installed, yet it is. Loaded in FF 
10.0.4 before installing flash, then closing FF and installing Flash, then 
restarting FF with "start with windows and tabs from last time", the message 
was "Sorry, the Flash Player version you are using is not supported by 
HBO.com. It appears you are currently using Flash Player 11.2.202 and this 
site supports version 10 and up. In order to continue, please upgrade your 
Flash Player." On page reload, the same black page resulted as on the #1 
system above.

PS question: Why does 'urpmi flash-player-plugin' require curl be installed 
along with it?
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