[Mageia-dev] What's with all the "fedora" named services in Drakxservice??

Robert Fox list at foxconsult.net
Sun May 6 10:14:34 CEST 2012

I wanted to check something using drakxservices and noticed here are 8
separate sevices starting with the name "fedora" in them
(fedora-autorelabel, fedora-readonly, fedora-configure)

Not all services are running and I am not sure what each of these does.
More disturbing is why they are called "fedora" instead of Mageia?

Also, I noticed 22 different "systemd" entries - many of which are not
started on boot or not running (like systemd-readahead-collect) - Where
can I read about these to understand more and why so many??

Inquiring minds would like to know . . .

Thanks in advance,

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