[Mageia-dev] RFT: nvidia-current 295.49

John john at neodoc.biz
Thu May 10 11:25:12 CEST 2012

On Sun, 06 May 2012 20:46:22 +0300
Thomas Backlund wrote:

> So,
> nVidia released a 295.49 wich fixes performance regressions introduced
> in 295.40.
> As we are this close to release I have pushed a build to Nonfree Updates
> Testing.
> I'd like people to try it out and report if it works ot not and if it
> introduces other regressions
> So test them out and respond to this thread if it works or not.

Works fine here with GeForce 7600 GT and dual monitors

lspcidrake -v |grep VGA
Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6100 to GeForce 360: nVidia Corporation|G73 [GeForce
7600 GT] [DISPLAY_VGA] (vendor:10de device:0391 subv:1043 subd:81f7) (rev:


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