[Mageia-dev] Updateing mageia-maintainers-database

Funda Wang fundawang at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 08:29:02 CET 2012


As some of you have noticed, I'm currently updating ruby* to 1.9.x.

During the rebuilding of existing gems, I've found that
mageia-maintainers-database is requiring old version of ruby-rails and

There is currently no maintainer of mageia-maintainers-database, and
there is noway to make ruby-cgi compatible with ruby 1.9. Which means,
ruby-cgi annd mageia-maintainers-database would be probably unable to
install thus won't working in mga3.

If there is no real maintainer of mageia-maintainers-database, the
package might be dropped eventually. So, call for updating


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