[Mageia-dev] about ruby updates and some broken dependancies

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Sun Nov 4 23:08:35 CET 2012

04.11.2012 19:13, Funda Wang skrev:
> We already have the similar problem in the period of mandriva, packages
> with same names but different archs won't be deleted from repository.
> Maybe somebody could check youri's code to fix this problem.
> As for the deps list, I think this page shows them all:
> http://check.mageia.org/cauldron/missing.html
> And, there are some packages cannot be uploaded due to rpmlint polciy
> for filenames, which I cannot deal with :( Personally, I don't think we
> should check package file list for restricted filenames.

Actually checking file lists is good as it catches some packaging bugs..

If you need new exceptions, add them to the rpmlint-mageia-policy
package, and notify sysadmins of the need and we'll update it on
build infra.


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