[Mageia-dev] HPLIP - Request for testing Mga1 & 2

Claire Robinson eeeemail at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 23:21:25 CET 2012

On 13/11/12 20:15, Yann Ciret wrote:
> Le 13/11/2012 18:48, Claire Robinson a écrit :
>> Hi all
>> QA team don't have any HP printers between us. We'd like to be able to
>> validate an update for hplip which is in core/updates_testing for both
>> mga1 and mga2. Ideally we still need tests on mga2 i586 and mga1 i586 &
>> x86_64
>> https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5395
>> Please help with testing if you have an HP printer so that we can push
>> this one to updates.
>> Thanks!
>> Claire (MrsB)
> Hi Claire,
> I didn't find this update for mga1 i586 nor x86_64 in updates_testing.
> I made a successfull test on mga2 x86_64.
> Regards
> Yann

You probably need to update your medias Yann. Failing that, if using
MageiaUpdate to install them with, you will also need to enable updates
from the Testing media.

See the link here..


You will need to place a tick in the updates column for Core Updates
Testing, then when you enable it you will be able to install updates
from it.


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