[Mageia-dev] what is this ????

Sander Lepik sander.lepik at eesti.ee
Sat Nov 24 16:51:02 CET 2012

24.11.2012 17:41, Wolfgang Bornath kirjutas:
> 2012/11/24 Johnny A. Solbu <cooker at solbu.net>:
>> On Saturday 24. November 2012 12.58, PhilippeDidier wrote:
>>> Someone want to be paid for his work on Mageia !!!!
>> I have no problems with people working on mageia for money, as long as they adhere to our rules. If this results in more bugs being fixed, then we are benefitting from it.
>> Many of the kernel hackers are paid by their employers to work on the kernel. Others are paid to work with a distribution. This is not new.
>>> Such a page might need an agreement before being published ...
>>> don't you think so ?
>> I think so, yes.
>> The current page implies that this is a Mageia project.
>> I have no problem with the content itself. But the content of that page belongs on the authors webpage, not on the Mageia wiki.
>> The page should be deleted.
> Well, actually I think the page needs some editing. As it is now it
> may give wrong ideas (as we see in this thread).
> What the page really says is that if Mageia does not offer any
> solution for a given bug because of lack of time or lack of interest
> by the developers a user is able to address the developers with a
> financial offer like "fix this bug and I would pay 50 EuroCents."
> What the page does not say: it is not an advertisement of one or more
> Mageia developers offering paid service. It is merely a text telling
> the users that in a certain case this option is possible - keeping in
> mind that the resulting fix will still be free for all Mageia users to
> use.
> So, IMO the offer is something similar to Ubuntu's offer to be able to
> donate to a single project inside the distribution. With a better
> phrasing the page may be ok. Of course the details should be discussed
> in public and after that the option should be advertized in a blog.
+1 on that. I have had similar idea myself. Watching bug 2317 or considering the fact that
we still lack backports support. If someone is willing to pay for it to get solved then why
not? And as the page says, Mageia can still refuse the solution. For example: someone wants
Cinnamon to work on Mageia and someone else ports it. But it won't be imported into Mageia.
They can have their own repo for it.


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