[Mageia-dev] [packages-commits] [321297] imported package nemo

zezinho lists.jjorge at free.fr
Sat Nov 24 18:27:30 CET 2012

Em 24-11-2012 00:08, Johnny A. Solbu escreveu:
> On Friday 23. November 2012 22.46, Anne Nicolas wrote:
>> There has already been zillions of discussions about this.
> Discussions some of us have never heard of, including me.
>> We will not have Cinnamon.
> I am not talking about Cinnamon. I couldn't care less about Cinnamon, as I didn't know what it was untill now.
> Personally I'm happy with the current environments in Mageia. :-)=
> I just wanted to know if there is a list or policy or what have you, that we can read to figure out what or which type of FLOSS projects that for whatever reason is unwanted in Mageia. I didn't know there was such a thing.
> And if new packagers, such as myself, don't know that this or that FLOSS project or types of projects isn't allowed, how do you expect them to not import it?
> So my question still stands. Is there such a list or policy? If not, should we have one?
> If the consensus is that such a list is not a good idea or not wanted, I'm fine with it. I just wanted to raise the question.

As always, I think you can start such a page in the wiki, like :


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