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John Balcaen mikala at mageia.org
Sat Nov 24 20:59:44 CET 2012

Le 24 nov. 2012 16:39, "Frank Griffin" <ftg at roadrunner.com> a écrit :
> On 11/24/2012 02:37 AM, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On 24/11/2012 05:36, Frank Griffin wrote:
>>> I haven't tested since, because this was the straw on the camel's back
>>> that finally got me to pull enough teeth to find out that NM won't work
>>> in KDE without manual intervention.  Once I got NM to work, I never went
>>> back.
>> For those of us still struggling to get wireless to work, can you give
>> more details, please?  Sorry if you have done so somewhere else and I
>> missed it.
> As I understand it, NM needs to parse ifcfg files to an internal format
before it can work correctly with wireless.  I suspect there's a way to  do
this with the NM CLI, but unless you speak NM well (I don't), it isn't
really obvious.

It's only happening if you choose to not change the default networkmanager
configuration aka using the ifcfg plugin which means read only support for
ifcfg files. I'm personally using instead the keyfile plugin (the upstream
> It's easy in GNOME, as GNOME appears to detect that it needs to be done
and does it silently.  So if you have GNOME installed, just log in to it,
activate the interface from the dropdown at the top right, and log out

> Otherwise, from KDE, you define the interface with drakconnect (MCC),
selecting to allow NM to control it.  Then install
plasma-applet-networkmanager (which is not installed by default for KDE
because NM is not supposed to be the default for wireless yet). John
Balcaen has posted that you don't need to add it to the panel (you can
invoke it directly in some way I didn't follow), but before I read that I
just used the panel toolbox widget  "Add Widgets" option, search on
network", double-clicked to place it
> on the panel, and invoked it from there.  Just tell it to connect the
wireless, and the parse should be done automatically.
> IIRC, John also posted that knetworkmanager (invoked through KDE system
settings) should do as well, but I'm not sure whether the
plasma-applet-networkmanager package was still required in that case.

knetworkmanager is just the name of the source rpm and the original binary
which is long dead...So currently it's just a virtual package pulling the
plasma applet package.

> Something has probably changed since I did this, since my recollection is
that the plasma applet showed a choice of interface controllers with NM
selected by default, and that did the required parse.  In current cauldron,
both the applet and knetworkmanager give me the same display, and neither
mentions NM, so maybe both the panel icon and the system settings option
are executing the same thing, and the plasma package was being used under
the covers.

They're the same thing indeed.
> I'm a recent refugee to KDE from GNOME3, so there's a lot I don't find
> There are two questions for which I don't have answers.
> Once you've caused the parse to be done, you should be good to go for
wireless on subsequent reboots for that SSID.  I'm not sure whether it
needs to be redone if you switch SSIDs, but the errors you get from NM if
the parse *hasn't* been done refer to errors in an "ifcfg-rh" which appears
to be independent of SSID.  So maybe it's a one-time thing, or maybe it's a
one-time-per-SSID thing.

Suggest here: drop all ifcfg configuration files and switch to keyfile
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