[Mageia-dev] Utter frustration

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Fri Nov 30 13:13:51 CET 2012

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On 29/11/12 22:35, Frank Griffin wrote:
> On 11/29/2012 11:58 AM, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> OK, done that.  As you expected, it returned
>> /usr/lib/libpowerdevilcore.so.0.1.0 /usr/lib/packagekitd 
>> /usr/lib/libpolkit-qt-core-1.so.1.103.0 /usr/bin/xdm 
>> /usr/bin/gnome-session
>> So what do I do now?  They don't look like things that can just
>> be removed?  usr/lib/libpolkit-qt-core-1.so.1.103.0 looks the
>> most likely to be connected with my problem.
>> Sorry to bang on about this, but at present I can't shut down
>> the netbook other than by hitting the power switch.  I really
>> need to be able to change those settings before I go away for a
>> few days, this weekend.
> I don't think anything's going to get done in that timeframe, but 
> CTRL-ALT-{R,S,E,I,U,B} will get you through the weekend.
> What I would do at this point, for each of these, one by one, is
> a) Record their current permissions b) Change the permissions to
> make them writable to you (777 will do nicely). c) Open the file in
> a binary editor like Okteta.  Find every instance of the org.xxx
> search string and modify the name in some visible way, e. g. 
> ConsoleKit -> XonsoleKit d) Retry your failing case and see if the
> message you get changes accordingly e) Revert the change
OK, I'll try that.

> Since it can't find what it wants anyway, this shouldn't affect
> your system operation.  but it will expose the guilty file(s).
> Then, use rpmdrake Search on File Names to find the owning package
> for each culprit, and file a bug against it saying that the
> such-and-such file is looking for ConsoleKit.
Before doing all that, can you explain the significance of the
suffixes here?

ls /usr/lib/ | grep powerdevil

> Either the package(s) were never converted to use something else,
> or they've been built incorrectly.
> I'd suggest installing ConsoleKit, but god only knows what that
> would screw up as regards its replacement, so it isn't something
> you'd want to do before the weekend :-)

On this occasion the netbook isn't going with me.  I just wanted to
avoid the choice between forcing a shutdown by poweroff or leaving it
running for 4 days while I'm away.

Seriously, if there is a genuine problem here we need to get to the
bottom of it for the sake of others, so from Wednesday I'll do any
testing you need.

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