[Mageia-dev] Any progress on the NFS mount problem? - One step further

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Mon Oct 1 17:46:28 CEST 2012

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On 01/10/12 12:18, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Le 22/09/2012 21:16, Anne Wilson a écrit :
>> udp        0      0 *:nfs                       *:* unfsd
> Ouch... You're running an obsolete alternative nfs server. You
> should uninstall the unfs3 package, and this package should get
> removed from the distribution.
> To summarize, here are the mandatory steps: - check you have
> nfs-utils-clients installed on clients - check you have
> nfs-utils-clients and nfs-utils installed on server - check
> rpcbind, and nfs-common services are running on clients - check
> rpcbind, nfs-common and nfs-server services are running on the 
> server
> Once done, check with rpcinfo -s <address> what is actually running
> on each host.
> Now, to ensure usage of NFSv4 instead of obsolete NFSv3: - check
> every host is configured to run rpc.idmapd, meaning NEED_IDMAPD=yes
> in /etc/sysconfig/nfs-common - check your server export a root
> filesystem, using fsid=0 options in its /etc/exports configuration
> file - drop all your legacy nfs options, such as wsize and rsize
> from your mount options
> Last, you'd better use autofs to mount those filesystems on
> demand, rather than hardcoding them in /etc/fstab, which avoid to
> relies on server availability during the boot.
The good news (after rebooting server and client) that the server now
is running nfs and nfs_acl

The less good news is that the laptop still can't mount

The other good news is that 'exportfs' lists my home directory and
/Data1 - the new mounts, not the old ones.

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