[Mageia-dev] Any progress on the NFS mount problem? - One step further

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 22:49:32 CEST 2012

Le 01/10/2012 22:34, AL13N a écrit :
>> Hah! suddenly I have /home/anne/ on and it's readable.
>> That's obviously an improvement, but I still need the Data1 directory
>> tree.  Root can umount it.  It shows every sign of being mounted, yet
>> I can't read any of it.  All the data there is owned anne:users so it
>> shouldn't be a permissions issue.
> user ids and names still need to be the same on both systems. (or somehow
> mapped; which is what v4 has more than v3; but i never used v4)
With NFSv2/3: only uids matters
With NFSv4: only names matters, but rpc.idmapd has to be running on both 

> also, root typically has no access to nfs exports, you need to be regular
> user, (unless you specify the root_no_squash options, or similar)
He can access the filesystem, but he's mapped to uid 65534, unless 
no_root_squash option has been specified on user side. See exports(5) 
for details.

BOFH excuse #291:

Due to the CDA, we no longer have a root account.

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