[Mageia-dev] Final set of isos for Mageia 3

Claire Robinson eeeemail at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 09:45:15 CEST 2012

On 03/10/12 08:00, zezinho wrote:
> Em 02-10-2012 17:58, Anne Nicolas escreveu:

>> Here is the list (Thanks MrsB for doing it first :) ):
> Thank you both for this list. I feel it comes with almost every ideas
> that came along. Let's see if Mageia 3 will rock in his medias.

I had nothing to do with the decision btw, just to be clear. (Didn't
even voice any opinion). I was just first to email the list to the QA
team. The list was decided by the board and announced at council on
Monday night.

You can see the logs of that meeting here:

The decision to include only one language on the two LiveCD's was made
to allow more space for the DE. A tool to create those with better l10n
would be a good idea IMHO. Anybody creating one though would need to
perform adequate QA before publishing.

Claire (MrsB)

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