[Mageia-dev] Distrib-coffee big failure of the century

Barry Jackson zen25000 at zen.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 22:49:28 CET 2012

On 30/10/12 21:29, Johnny A. Solbu wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 October 2012 22:21, Barry Jackson wrote:
>> I will set --max-delete=500 locally in future.
>> Any better ideas?
> I always run rsync manually twice. The first run I use «-n» to make sure my mirror isn't wiped, and then run rsync normally.

I run it from a cron job via a script, so I could parse the output of a 
dry run and count deletes for example, then let it decide whether to run 
or not.
Thanks - worth investigating :)

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