[Mageia-dev] Reminder: Mageia 3 alpha 3

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Wed Oct 31 01:16:31 CET 2012

31.10.2012 01:18, Olav Vitters skrev:
> On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 09:53:10PM +0100, Anne Nicolas wrote:
>> This is a reminder for the coming Alpha 3 release, planned for 12th
>> of november. We should start working on isos about 9 or 10 days
>> before.
> November 12 is the GNOME 3.6.2. tarball due date. I expect tarballs up
> to November 14 or so though. It should be fine to include whatever is
> released up to that point (should not be too many changes, expect mostly
> translation updates and fixes for crashers)

No guesswork please....

please hold of pushing stuff unless you know it wont break...

Consider Friday 2nd Oct 2012 as 21.00 UTC as a "soft freeze" for 
avoiding breakages until alpha3 is released...



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