[Mageia-dev] meeting

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Wed Sep 5 20:14:36 CEST 2012

will there be a meeting?

if yes, i'd like to propose adding the following:

- status on bug 2317 (& backports)

this was agreed on before holidays,it's kind of after holidays now, and it'd 
be nice if we could get 2317 behind us, (afaik all the work has been done 
already, i just needs to get comitted + released + validated + pushed.

- then also, the tool for QA team to move/delete updates_testing (& file 
advisory also in discriptions file; so that rpmdrake actually get's the info 
for updates.

i know this is all in the works though but still.

in any case, if anyone can help with this, it would be nice to know if we can 
help this along (especially bug 2317)

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