[Mageia-dev] How to install a debug package with its dependencies?

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 18:45:03 CEST 2012

Le 13/09/2012 18:06, Phoenix Guo a écrit :
> Hi All,
> Could someone kindly tell me that how to install a debug package with
> its dependencies?
There is not dependencies between debug packages, in the sense of 'debug 
package X need debug package Y to be used'.

> For example, I install the firefox-debug-10.0.7-1.mga2.x86_64 package
> for debugging the firefox. While gdb load the firefox core dump file,
> gdb cannot read debugging symbols from other debug packages as they
> are not installed at the same time. Although they are needed for
> debugging.
I don't know if there an easy way to do it. Usually, tough, the name of 
the function where the crash does occurs is enough to tell wich debug 
package is needed exactly.

That could be an interesting urpmi feature, tough, to be able to 
automatically install all those packages at once.
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