[Mageia-dev] unity on mageia

Damian Ivanov damianatorrpm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 21:03:35 CEST 2012

There actually only the unity packages needed to be compile against it
(which is no problem compile only these programs
against this patched gtk3 with a separate OBS project for unity :) )

2012/9/14 Pacho Ramos <pacho at gentoo.org>:
> El vie, 14-09-2012 a las 09:06 +0200, Damian Ivanov escribió:
>> > Could both gtk+ versions be parallel instalable? (to keep using official
>> > gtk+ for most applications but those requiring ubuntu patches)
>> No, ubuntu patches patch actual files, it would not be possible to
>> have gtk2 + gtk2-module-ubuntu
> I meant if wouldn't be possible to install gtk+2 with ubuntu patches
> inside a different prefix (like /opt/gtk+... or your preferred one) and
> only compile applications that need that patches against that special
> gtk+ version ;)

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