[Mageia-dev] Update of the rpm group policy

Pierre-Malo Deniélou pierre-malo.denielou at rhul.ac.uk
Sun Sep 16 16:44:44 CEST 2012

Le 10/09/12 14:50,brian.smith at blueyonder.co.uk nous adresse ces quelques
mots :
> I'll stick my 2p in as a user
> How about the package groups relate to the menu entries in Gnome 
> and KDE.

Hi Brian, I forgot to answer you.

Thanks for your suggestion. It's a possibility as well.
The standard desktop categories are:

I didn't consider it as a first proposal for two reasons:

- It is designed for applications that have a menu entry. So it needs
  to be amended for all non-GUI packages: it means we do not follow
  strictly the standard.
- These categories are completely different from the current RPM
  groups. It means *all* of Mageia packages need to be changed.

The advantages:

- It makes it easier to have only one classification policy.
- It is a standard (although not for packages, but still).
- Users can make more sense of it, since the menu and rpm group match
- Icons already exist

So this is a possible alternative, but requires even more commitment
from the packagers.


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