[Mageia-dev] Ruby 1.9 landing soon

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 21:20:49 CEST 2012

Le 13/09/2012 05:17, Funda Wang a écrit :
> After some test, here is the proposal for ruby 1.9:
> * arch-dependent .so files will be put into %{ruby_archdir}
> (%{_libdir}/ruby). No version prefix or suffix, as we are only
> providing one flavor of ruby.
> * arch-independent .rb files will be put into %{ruby_libdir} (%{_datadir}/ruby)
> * ruby only produces ruby, libruby, ruby-devel and ruby-doc sub
> packages, rubygems will be deleted from main package, to be singled
> out.
> If there is no any negative opinion, I'll be pushing it into
> core/release in a few days.
The earlier, the better, as some ruby package in core/release have 
already been contaminated:

installing ruby-rspec-mocks-2.6.0-1.mga3.noarch.rpm 
ruby-rspec-core-2.11.1-1.mga3.noarch.rpm from /var/cache/urpmi/rpms
Installation failed:
	ruby(abi) = 1.9 is needed by ruby-rspec-2.11.0-1.mga3.noarch

BOFH excuse #104:

backup tape overwritten with copy of system manager's favourite CD

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