[Mageia-dev] autogen.sh

Oden Eriksson oeriksson at mandriva.com
Wed Sep 19 12:57:59 CEST 2012

onsdagen den 19 september 2012 12.34.46 skrev  Guillaume Rousse:
> Le 19/09/2012 10:55, Oden Eriksson a écrit :
> > Hello people.
> > 
> > Someone was wondering why i added autogen.sh in libxslt. There is a reason
> > for this after long time maintaining open source softwares. See it as a
> > "last known good" way of using the autopoo stuff as done upstream.
> Just because you never understood autoconf is not an excuse to use such
> kind of derogative comments.
> > If "autoreconf -
> > fi" should ever fail in libxslt use the provided autogen.sh file. These
> > files tends to disappear or be moved to the upstream release managers
> > private hard drive only, or something like that. It's simply wise to keep
> > autogen.sh for ourselves for reference. If you don't need to use it,
> > fine, but keep it.
> Those dedicated scripts disappear because they are now obsoletes in
> favor of a generic solution maintained upstream. You'd better find an
> actual case where using the standard tool fails, whereas using such kind
> of ad-hoc wrapper works, before bloating packages with useless hacks.
> BTW, libxslt builds perfectly without ever regenerating the build system...

Funny... An ignorant, patronizing and belittling responce is what I get on my 
first ever mail here. I really don't have time with this childish crap.

Regards // Oden Eriksson
Security team manager - Mandriva

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