[Mageia-dev] Any progress on the NFS mount problem?

Guillaume Rousse guillomovitch at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 22:37:27 CEST 2012

Le 20/09/2012 20:17, Anne Wilson a écrit :
>>> Looks as though the problem relates to rpc on the server.  I
>>> don't mind doing the digging, but can you point me to the right
>>> place to start the hole?
>> I'd try to understand why the nfs daemon (rpc.nfsd) is listening on
>> IPv6 only, whereas the mount daemon (rpc.mountd) is listening both
>> on IPv4 and IPv6.
> Where is that configured?
There is no such 'use IPv6 only' configuration option AFAIK, this seems 
rather like a problem. Maybe not specific to NFS, BTW.

There is no --verbose flag for rpc.nfsd, but you may use rpcdebug instead:
rpcdebug -m nfsd -s all

Then, restart the nfs-server service, and check your logs.

>> BTW, you're also lacking rpc.idmapd, which is mandatory for NFSv4
>> support, but that's a secondary issue.
> I've done a lot of googling, and most of what I found was
> ubuntu-specific.  However, I found a recent entry saying that it is
> provided by nfs-utils - that that is installed.  nfs-common and
> nfs-server are both running, according to mcc.
nfs-common service, as 90% of similar services, use an 
/etc/sysconfig/nfs-common congiguration file. Just set NEEDIDMAPD to yes 
to ensure it runs.

Also, you'd better forget GUIs when trying to debug issue, and ressort 
to command line instead, you'll have much more control and feedback.

>  Following another
> lead, I tried to locate nfsmount.conf and found that I had a backup
> containing it, and a man page, but no actual file.
That's an interesting point, it means your actual setup differs from the 
default package one. Try 'rpm --verify nfs-utils' and 'rpm --verify 
nfs-utils-client' to check what has been modified exactly.

> This is incredibly difficult.  Users shouldn't have to jump through
> this number of hoops to do something so basic to productivity :-(
I'm not sure what users should have to do or not, but I'm quite sure 
this kind of imprecations won't help you solve the issue.

If everything else fails, you may also inhibit IPv6 completly: just add 
'install ipv6 /bin/true' in any file under /etc/modprobe.d, and reboot.

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