[Mageia-dev] need some help to build a linuxsampler.rpm

PhilippeDidier philippedidier at laposte.net
Fri Sep 21 21:24:17 CEST 2012

Hi ! Happy packagers...

I'm trying to build some missing rpms that exist in Mandriva-contrib but
not yet in Mageia... (most of them concern Computer Aided Music)


linuxsampler depends on gig
gigedit and qsampler depend on linuxsampler

I use the same spec files and sources and patches as in Mandriva...
(with minor cosmetic changes)

It's OK for gig


I'm having problem with linuxsampler that could be built for
Mandriva2010.2 but that can't be with Mageia2

I get several times this kind of message when running rpmbuild -ba
(before it aborts) :

../src/plugins/.libs/liblinuxsamplerplugins.a(InstrumentEditorFactory.o): In
function `__exchange_and_add_dispatch':
undefined reference to `pthread_cancel'

../src/common/.libs/liblinuxsamplercommon.a(Path.o): In function
undefined reference to `pthread_cancel'

What may cause this ?
libpthread-2.1.14-1.so is of course present and linked in /lib/ and

but there's an empty libpthread.so file in /usr/lib/
(same as in Mandriva) does it induces any confusion ?

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help...


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