[Mageia-dev] Mageia 3 final set of isos

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Mon Sep 24 08:57:27 CEST 2012

Anne Nicolas a écrit :
> Hi there
> So here is the discussion about what isos we should keep or have for
> final release. We had several (many!) proposals on that topics and we
> need to take some decisions.
> Here are some prerequisites I can see for what I can read in comments
> and review about Mageia on the web.
> - provide a full open source software version
> - provide CD iso(s) so that it can be quick to download (people having
> low band-width or paying depending how much they use it)
> - provide live version(s)
> - decrease isos number. QA is just a hell on the set we had for Mageia 2
> - provide localization as large as possible
> - provide isos including major drivers including proprietary one to make
> it easier to install and configure
> Please add all explanations to your proposal.
> Let say we take one week on this so until 26/09 then we will make a
> final proposal
> Cheers
My suggestions :
*Non-live isos*
1 dual cd with proprietory firmware/drivers
-- based on comments by Alien and others

1 dvd 32-bit with proprietory firmware/drivers
-- we could ask at the beginning something like
"This disc can install proprietory firmware or drivers needed by your 
hardware.  Do you want to :
1) Install such software automatically,
2) Ask for each such software, or
3) Never install such software."

That way users can accept or avoid such software as they wish.
At the same time, users will never be stuck.  This will be particularly 
useful for new users, especially those who found the dvd in a magazine.
Also users preferring no non-free, including firmware or drivers, could 
simply resinstall accepting certain firmware/drivers after finding that 
their hardware doesn't work properly.
-- It seems unlikely that magazines would care about the free/nonfree 
issue, as long as the software is redistributable without cost.  And I'm 
only talking about firmware/drivers where a reliable free version 
doesn't exist.

*Live isos*
1 live (installable like current dvds) dvd 64-bit with 
kde/gnome/lxde/xfce and all localizations, and the proprietory 
firmware/drivers now found on live cds.
-- variation of suggestion by Sander
-- this replaces both the current 64-bit dvd + 8 live cds
-- it seems much less likely that 64-bit users will have the download 
bandwidth problems of many 32-bit users.  (If I'm not mistaken.)
-- users with 64-bit machines could still use a 32-bit live cd if they wish.
-- This should save a lot of problems testing, as many potential testers 
don't have 64-bit machines available.

8 live cds 32-bit; kde or gnome; 4 localisation groups
-- users with 32-bit machines are more likely to have bandwidth 
problems, or to not have dvd writers.

This totals 11 isos, down from 19. (reduced by 8 live cds.)

Note that I didn't include an iso without proprietory firmware/drivers, 
as with appropriate warnings on those with, an iso without would be 
redundant.  Just unnecessarily increasing the testing workload.

Note also that it would be useful to have a file in the iso directory 
listing the languages available on the various live cds.  (Lacking for 
mga2, but did exist for mandriva.)

A final point - to me it is really important to be able to upgrade an 
existing installation, instead of forcing a clean install.  This allows 
the user to more easily keep their current configuration, and in some 
cases essential drivers/firmware not on the iso.  Referring to the dvds 
and the dual cd, and not the live cds, which are not primarily for 

my 2 cents :)


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