[Mageia-dev] ANNOUNCE: RPM group Policy change taking effect

Pierre-Malo Deniélou pierre-malo.denielou at rhul.ac.uk
Thu Sep 27 00:15:00 CEST 2012

Le 26/09/12 22:00,Pierre-Malo Deniélou nous adresse ces quelques mots :
> Dear fellow packagers,
> In a few minutes, I will upload a new rpmlint-mageia-policy package that
> implements the new RPM group policy. Normally, packages that do not
> follow the new RPM groups will be rejected from the build system.
> I advise you to run rpmlint on your RPMs, SRPMs or spec files before
> submtting.

Thanks to boklm the checks are now in place and the new policy takes effect.


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