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Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Sat Sep 29 15:24:16 CEST 2012

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> 3/ What should the license be? I would be happy to make it GPL V3,
> but is there any argument for something different ?
Another possibility is to have GPL V2 or higher, a lot of programs
preferred that way to cover both or maybe to avoid any incompatibility
between them... but i'm not a lawyer...

> Just to give you an idea of where my code is at ......
> It is still in early stages, with I would guess about 400 - 500
> lines of code. It works across ncurses, gtk and qt with a
> consistent interface, however there seems to be a bug in the
> libyui-qt libriaries which Angelo and Matteo will be looking into
Well i'm finding some more differences in the three behaviours, but i'm
not sure all of them are bugs against QT :) I think we should have an
easy and silly "hello world" program to use and pass to upstream
developers to understand if and where we're wrong, or if there is a bug
issue instead :)

As a simple example on what i'm saying the icon issue you've just fixed,
i'm not sure it's a QT bug just because gtk does not need an explicit
setIcon call... I will write other problems in a private mail, at least
until we're not officially on Mageia repository ;)

(Big thank you to those guys for packaging
> the libyui libraries and helping out when I have questions).
eh eh eh, we're a team after all :)

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