[Mageia-dev] Freeze push: smartmontools

Damien Lallement mageia at damsweb.net
Tue Apr 2 18:57:58 CEST 2013

Please submit 6.1 (6.0 for now).
- smartctl '-l directory': improved output format.
- smartctl: Fix parsing of '-l select,cont+SIZE' option.
- smartctl prints ATA Additional Product Id (OEM Id).
- smartctl '-s/-g wcache' for SCSI devices to control write cache.
- smartctl '-s/-g rcache' for SCSI devices to control read cache.
- smartctl prints more info for SCSI devices: media rotation rate,
   form factor, physical block size, lowest LBA alignement,
   logical block provisioning, disk protection type
   and selftest progress status.
- smartctl '--identify' updated for latest ATA ACS-3 spec.
- smartd runs /etc/smartd_warning.sh to generate warning emails
- smartd '-w PATH' option to specify this executable.
- smartd '-d ignore' directive.
- smartd DEVICESCAN ignores devices already specified.
- smartd: added support for state persistence ('-s') and attribute 
logging ('-A') for SCSI devices.
- smartd '-W' directive uses ATA attribute 190 if 194 is missing.
- Support of larger SCSI defect lists via READ DEFECT(12).
- Device type '-d usbjmicron,p' for Prolific USB bridges.
- Many HDD, SSD and USB additions to drive database.
- Linux: Support for SAS disks behind Areca controllers.
- Linux: Improved support for SATA disks on LSI/Megaraid controllers
- Linux: disks on MegaRaid controllers are automatically scanned

Damien Lallement
twitter: damsweb - IRC: damsweb/coincoin

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