[Mageia-dev] what's the purpose of this list ?

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 13:33:21 CEST 2013

I do think it is important to have contact addresses. Not only mailing
lists, you have to subscribe.
It's the only way to get questions and feedback from people who only have a
simple question or feedback to give and don't want to subscribe an ml for
that which they would have to unsubscribe again after they get the answer
they are interested in.
The only question - as I see it - is, who should get those mails?
And I think the best idea is for the whole teams in question to get them
because otherwise you will have to find someone with too much time on his

And by the way, just to state a number about the incoming traffic using
this mail address
All in all I found 5 - in words FIVE - threads in my gmail account, which
were addressed to the packagers@ address, including an mail from bugzilla
about a bug report complaining about the many mails, the contributor gets
that way...

I have to wonder if that is not an allergic reaction to user interference...

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