[Mageia-dev] HEADSUP: Full git clone of all package specs (with history)

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier+mageia at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 5 13:44:13 CEST 2013

Hi Colin, *,

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 8:46 AM, P. Christeas <xrg at linux.gr> wrote:
> On Saturday 23 March 2013, Colin Guthrie wrote:
>> 'Twas brillig, and Colin Guthrie at 22/03/13 09:32 did gyre and gimble:
>> [...]
>> > Just to avoid a crazy amount of scripting with svn checkouts and such
>> > like, I've set running a git svn clone of the cauldron package
>> > subversion tree.
>> That said, running git blame takes *ages* even on an SSD drive. It was
>> at least a couple minutes to display the results of a blame on a spec file.
>  Let me remind you of the other suggestion:
>  Put each package in a separate git repo, and then use "submodules" to bind
> all of them together into the "Mageia" repo..

Somewhat surprised that it takes so long - LO's core repo is much
larger and is reasonably fast, even on traditional disk.
Maybe git maintenance commands (gc and/or prune) may help? Care
uploading the repo to github or similar?

And I'd not put every package into submodules, as those are not /that/
easy to work with - but maybe splitting by alphabet might indeed be a
good idea. (pagackages starting with A or a in one module, B or b in
another, etc.) So you need only 27 subrepos instead of lots and


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