[Mageia-dev] M3 beta - where to report problems?

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Wed Apr 10 20:21:06 CEST 2013

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On 10/04/13 13:07, Frank Griffin wrote:
> On 04/10/2013 07:31 AM, Anne Wilson wrote:

I think there may be some misunderstandings, so I'll try to correct them

> Interesting.  I guess you didn't configure eth0 from the Install 
> Summary.

I configured it to use dhcp, since netbooks are used in other places (I
use the hotel cabled network when in Madeira).

> You can do it from the chroot (using Colin's suggestion) by running
> drakconnect.
Drakconnect ran,  I saw the "waiting for network to be up" followed by
OK.  If I now offer "ifup eth0" I get

"Running in a chroot. ignoring request
bind: Cannot assign requested address
RTNETLINK answers: Network is unreachable
ERROR:  [etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-eth] Error adding default
gateway for eth0
NETLINK: Error: File exists
and "sbin/ifup: configuration for eth.  Ping tells me that the network
is unreachable.
Running in a chroot. ignoring request"

>> That's what I thought, but still after "exit" I get the "Running 
>> in chroot" messages :-(
> It's odd that a rescue system brought up through a network 
> connection doesn't have it at runtime.

I'm running the rescue system from the DVD, not through a network.

> Maybe try Colin's suggestion from the rescue system
I did, this time.

>> As usual, lots of detail if you already understand it, but it
>> seems to rely on you knowing URLs.  I thought I could simply copy
>> the URL from this system, adapting the version if it looked
>> necessary, but if I look at Edit on the add-media page of MCC it
>> just says $MIRRORLIST - and "echo $MIRRORLIST" doesn't tell me
>> anything at all.
> The syntax won't be identical, but you can get an idea of the URL
> to use by looking in /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg on your root partition to
> see what's being used for "core release".
OK, if I can get the network up I'll see what I can do along those lines.

>> There's obviously a real problem with the Intel drivers being 
>> removed by accident during the update.  For everyone's sake, I'd 
>> like to try to identify the problem, but I feel as though I'm 
>> banging my head against a brick wall.
> There are really two issues here.  One is getting your system to 
> work again.  The other is finding out what went wrong to begin
> with.

I was hoping that we would be able to find some trace of what went
wrong as we are working with this,l but by now maybe any relevant logs
will be destroyed.

> For the latter, you should probably open a bug describing exactly 
> what you did in the initial upgrade, and attaching the files from 
> /root/drakx.

I had intended to, but hoped to have more information before I do
that.  I have copied /root/drakx to /root/drakx-sav - hopefully this
will preserve all we need.

> I've never done a distro upgrade myself,

Out of curiosity I tried the distro upgrade.  It appeared to complete,
but booted to a blank screen, so I didn't waste any more time on it.
I started afresh and did a clean install (though keeping /home).

Something occurred to me today that may or may not be relevant.  This
problem with the Intel drivers being removed may not be a very new
problem.  I was running Cauldron successfully on this netbook for a
long time, up to early January.  Then I went away for three weeks.
When I returned near the end of January I switched on and did a big
update.  After that I had a black screen, much like the current one.

I thought it might be because something important had happened while I
was away so that I had not made a necessary change at the right time,
so I waited for the opportunity to do this install.  It may be, then,
that this was my first experience of this same bug.

> If all else fails (and after you attach the files to the new bug), 
> you could try re-running the upgrade.  If you can get to package 
> selection, "Individual Package Selection" may get you what you
> need, and Summary will allow you to configure video and network.
> But this will overlay the /root/drakx files.

As I said earlier, it was a clean install, not an upgrade, and it
completed perfectly.  I then rebooted as usual, and immediately used
MCC to add all other media sources, and did the big update.  This is
when it went pear-shaped.

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