[Mageia-dev] M3 beta - where to report problems?

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Wed Apr 10 21:32:33 CEST 2013

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On 10/04/13 19:50, Frank Griffin wrote:
> On 04/10/2013 02:21 PM, Anne Wilson wrote:
>> Out of curiosity I tried the distro upgrade.  It appeared to
>> complete, but booted to a blank screen, so I didn't waste any
>> more time on it. I started afresh and did a clean install (though
>> keeping /home).
>> Something occurred to me today that may or may not be relevant.
>> This problem with the Intel drivers being removed may not be a
>> very new problem.  I was running Cauldron successfully on this
>> netbook for a long time, up to early January.  Then I went away
>> for three weeks. When I returned near the end of January I
>> switched on and did a big update.  After that I had a black
>> screen, much like the current one.
>> I thought it might be because something important had happened
>> while I was away so that I had not made a necessary change at the
>> right time, so I waited for the opportunity to do this install.
>> It may be, then, that this was my first experience of this same
>> bug.
> ...
>> As I said earlier, it was a clean install, not an upgrade, and
>> it completed perfectly.  I then rebooted as usual, and
>> immediately used MCC to add all other media sources, and did the
>> big update.  This is when it went pear-shaped.
> OK, so what did you do the clean install from ?  From this last
> bit, it sounds like it was working after the install if you could
> boot and use MCC to add other media.  I'm curious as to the
> timeframe window of what you installed and what you updated to.

I downloaded the latest beta - and checked the sha1sum before
installing.  It worked perfectly.  I configured eth0 as dhcp, knowing
that I'd have to get the wifi drivers later.  I did the update
immediately after the install - that would be the 3rd April, when I
started this thread.

I've now got those files from /root/drakx onto a usb stick - should I
start the bug report now with those files?

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